Startup Planning: Business Potentials and Ethics
From 9 to 11 September - 2013

Workshop - Business Department


Free workshop
From September 9th till September 11th 09:00 am to 12:00 pm


1- Business Etiquette:
Key elements to success...

     - Learn good business manners;
     - How to make an IMPACT;
     - Learn the Golden rules of Business Etiquette;
     - The value of Netiquette;
     - The appropriate office dress;
     - Demonstrate an effective self introduction, and small talk.

2- A road map to success in Sales: Secrets of selling anything...

The sales principles, techniques and strategies you are about to discover are taken from the real world, the world in which you live.

3- Planning your own Start-up: Start and run your own small business... Turn your big idea into reality.