Prospective Students

Tuition Fees

ENG020 & ENG022 100$
ENG104 & ENG105 100$
Faculty of Health Sciences 130$
Faculty of Literature & Humanities 130$
Faculty of Administrative Sciences (except IT, CS & Lab) 130$
Information Technology & Computer Science 165$
Faculty of Administrative Sciences (Lab Courses) 275$
Masters of Education 200$
Masters of Business Administration 200$
Masters of Information Technology 200$
Teaching Diploma 130$
NUR hospital Practicum Courses 170$
NTR 490 Practicum course 133.35$ (or depending on the hospital fees)

Other Fees

Application Fee $50 (once)
Registration Fee $100 (once)
Technology Fee $100 (every semester)
Students Activities Fee $25 (every semester)
NSSF $135 (once a year)
CHM Lab fee $100 (once a year)
NTR Lab fee $100 (once a year)
Graduation fee $100 (once)
Transcript fee $30 (upon request)
ALL MBA & MEDU Auditors and Ext.Eng are exempted from all extra fees
ALL FHS Applicants pay the CHM Lab Fee

Academic Loan Program

covers up to 50 % of tuition Interest free


covers up to 25 % of tuition fees


For top students, up to 80% of tuition based on:
BACC II / BT3 official scores
School Grades - last 3 years
Electronic Placement Tests (English + Math or Chemistry & Biology)