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AUB School of Nursing Honor Society; Induction Ceremony

AUB The newly established honor society at AUB's school of nursing promises to become one of the largest Sigma Theta Tau chapters outside of the US.
A group of 61 leaders in nursing were inducted on Friday, January 27, 2012 as the first members of the AUB School of Nursing Honor Society.
This honor society is the first in the Middle East to be invited by Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Honor Society in honor of its many years of achievement as an accredited program that has graduated generations in nursing. The ceremony included a welcome address and a formal script reading by Director of the Rafic Hariri School of Nursing (HSON) and Founding President of the Society, Professor Huda Abu Saad Huijer; an induction speech by Founding Vice President Clinical Assistant Professor Chris Abbyad; certificate distribution; and a scientific lecture by Associate Dean of Case Western University School of Nursing Professor Marilynn Lotas.
Promising to become one of the largest Sigma Theta Tau chapters outside of the US, the newly established honor society at AUB's school of nursing followed STTI by-laws and redesigned strict selection criteria in accepting its members. Members fit into two categories: students and graduates of AUB's Rafic Hariri School of Nursing, and nurse leaders in the country. Members have to satisfy the three criteria of selection: to be legally recognized to practice nursing in Lebanon, having a minimum of a BSN degree, and have contributed significantly to the profession of nursing.
In addition to the Founding President and Founding Vice President, the AUB STTI society founding board is composed of Assistant Professor Myrna A. Doumit, Associate Professor Mary Arevian, and Dina Madi from HSON. Consultant Gladys Mouro was elected in the United States to serve on the international STTI board.
Originally established in 1922, STTI Honor Society has evolved from one chapter that included 6 student nurse members, to 470 chapters worldwide, with more than 450,000 members in 90 territories or countries. The society's mission is to support learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses for better health worldwide. Emphasizing excellence and quality of care in everything they do, Sigma Theta Tau stands for courage, love and honor. Achievement of undergraduate nursing students, graduate students, alumni, clinicians, educators, researchers and administrators who have contributed to the development of nursing in a clinical, leadership, or research role is recognized and celebrated. To further the society's ideals, Sigma Theta Tau promotes opportunities for mentorship, supports research grants, and encourages attendance at international conferences as ways to promote the society's ideals.
There has been much interest, especially among HSON alumni, in the formation of an AUB STTI chapter. The first step has been the formation of a society. The society is working diligently to expand its membership and sponsor scholarly activities as prerequisites to induction as a chapter. With its own developed criteria for selection, and representing an accredited program, the society will continue to annually host scientific lectures that are open to the public. When a chapter has been formed, an induction ceremony will be held and the society will be recognized by its new chapter name taken from the Greek alphabet. The chapter induction will include members from the mother organization in the US; HSON is expected to apply for a full chapter status in the near future.