Global University Memberships

Global University Joins Society of Arab Faculties & Institutes of Physiotherapy

The Department of Physical Therapy within the Faculty of Health Sciences at Global University has joined the Society of Arab Faculties and Institutes of Physiotherapy.
The Society of Arab Faculties and Institutes of Physiotherapy is an Arab academic institution, a member of the Association of Arab Universities, with no political or financial goals.
Among its objectives is supporting Physiotherapy education in the Arab world while spreading recent trends within the field through the close cooperation with various Physiotherapy departments worldwide.

The Society of Arab Faculties and Institutes of Physiotherapy currently works on the following tasks:

1. Establishing council for specializations in Physiotherapy
2. Coordinating and improving Physiotherapy curricula in the Arab world
3. Encouraging the cooperation in the fields of authoring, Arabization and publishing
4. Producing a scientific magazine geared towards publishing recent novelties in the field of Physiotherapy
5. Publishing an encyclopedia of medical terms related to Physiotherapy in the Arabic, English, French, and other languages
6. Providing the foundation for establishing new institutions and colleges teaching Physiotherapy within the Arab world
7. Establishing cooperation among scientific institutions and research services in Physiotherapy departments and institutions
8. Holding scientific conferences and annual or bi-annual educational seminars discussing recent trends within the field
9. Encouraging the knowledge exchange of teaching, training strategies, and research among colleges and institutions
10. Advocating cooperative work in the field of continuing education in regards to common curricula and supervision
11. Encouraging cooperative scientific research among departments and institutions of Physiotherapy
12. Publishing a complete index displaying all Physiotherapy departments and institutions in the Arab world
13. Establishing an assessment tool geared towards assessing the performance and ensuring high quality within Physiotherapy departments and institutions on a voluntary level and with cooperation of the Association of Arab Universities and other national organizations concerned with high quality performance
14. Working on maintaining active communication between the Society and its counterparts worldwide