Global University Memberships

Global University joins The Association of Lebanese Universities
AOULB - Universities Association of Lebanon

GLOBAL University has completed its membership in the Association of Lebanese Universities which is an independent non-political, non-profit organization that consists of the major non-profit universities in Lebanon.

Lately, Global University has joined the Association of Arab Universities, also many researches and cooperation agreements have been completed with major local , regional and international universities such as the Lebanese University, Ein Shams University of (Egypt), Zaytouna University of (Tunisia), INPT of (Morocco), The American University in Greece, and with the European Organization for Quality in the higher education sector, also with many professional institutions in the health care field such as Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Sahel General Hospital, and others.

Global University promotes scientific research, where Global University academic staff publish various research papers in internationally accredited journals, and they organize, and participate in many international and local conferences, seminars, and workshops in all fields of study, aiming to build up students' research capacities and qualification within their majors.