Prospective Students

English Program

As English is the language of instruction at Global University, the English Department provides two solutions for enhancing communication skills. The Intensive English Program is meant to enable students coming from French background or students who are generally weaker in English to develop excellent language skills. The English Extension Program caters for working persons who wish to enroll in one of our executive programs, or need to enhance oral, listening and writing skills. Instead of an English entrance exam, an electronic placement test aims at isolating weaknesses in order to select the appropriate level within our English remedial system. Both programs provide an essential preparatory step for academic studies without compromising quality.

Intensive English Program

Undergraduate Applicant EPT ENG020 ENG022 ENG104 ENG105 Sophomore English

ENG020 Basic English 20 credits/semester
ENG022 Intensive English 20 credits/semester
ENG104 Remedial English I 6 credits/semester
ENG105 Remedial English II 6 credits/semester

English Extension Program

Undergraduate Applicant EPT ENG110 ENG111 ENG112