Bioinformatics Conference - 5 & 6 January 2010



One attraction of this workshop is having it almost self-contained where the talks during the first day are intended to build the background necessary to understand the material to be covered during the second day. The talks concentrate on the importance of data mining and machine learning techniques for developing computational techniques capable of analyzing the data produced to study the functions and effects of different molecular components inside the cell.
The workshop will be a great source of knowledge to researchers, practitioners, experts and beginners. They will be introduced to the background material and to the current research efforts and discoveries. The speakers will present a clear plan of the future research trends in the area.

Topics of Interest

- Association rules Mining - Clustering and Classification - Classification Framework and Its Application to Gene Expression Data - Cancer Biomarker Extraction from Gene Expression Microarray Data - Learning and Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks - Multi-agent based approach for Translational Initiation Sites Prediction - Gene Expression Data - Fuzzy Classification and Analysis of Gene Expression Data - Motif Location Prediction in Sequences - Automated Large-Scale Control of Gene Regulatory Networks