Global University Agreements


eoq Based on a shared vision presented in the European Vision of Quality, GLOBAL UNIVERSITY and Education and Training Activities Group (ETAG) of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) would agree to join efforts in order to harness diversity, build on success and win together. We would like to expand and exchange knowledge, reach co-learning and co-thinking on new approaches and share results from practical implementation in the local markets in order to use the feedback to improve the theories ..
Goals and proceedings of the cooperation
The scope of the agreement between GLOBAL UNIVERSITY and ETAG would cover:
Collaboration on issues that would change and improve the global community
Building a learning community that would encompass not only universities and companies, but also every entity or individual willing to develop and learn.
Building a network of universities that aim for integral excellence.
Set the role model in the MENA region, translated in a reputation for excellence
Form a focus group with other universities, in order to achieve the breakthrough towards innovative ideas that would contribute to make the universities play the proper role in the "Knowledge Based Society" to invoke sustainable development of the community. Collaborate in identifying and getting access to international sources of financing for educational programs.
The cooperation would surpass traditional quality control to cover, explore, share and experiment with various approaches and their applications in higher education.
This agreement would allow the individuals investing their time and effort towards reaching the same goals, to feel the joy, excitement and sense of personal achievement which would be one of the most important drivers for the practical implementation of the proceedings of this agreement.
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